Saturday 4 November 2017

Aluminium Composite Panel Roofs Suitable For Your Need

There are some places where people love to place aluminium composite panel roofs and there are some tips for you’re before installing the aluminium composite panel roofs and which are mentioned below:

Tips before installing aluminium composite panel roofs

1.       Always seek for professional manufacturer and not trading company. Generally trading company supply many products for the industry but manufacturer will always provide competitive price and warranty.

2.       Visit the factory and check the production process. But it is your responsibility to go and check the quality of the roof yourself and don’t just believe on the sales person that quality is high standard.

3.       Look for companies with valid certification and there are many factories in china which are running without certification. So, find the company with valid certification.

4.       Make sure that company has strict quality testing system. There are companies who provide good samples but actual product is different from the samples. So, seek for QY guy in china.

5.       The manufacturer must have enough production capacity and normally the annual capacity of small factor is sufficient and large manufacturer is high on capacity.

Make sure that manufacturer provides good after sales services and does not ignore the customer easily. It will help you to get the after sales services if there is anything missing or wrong.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Why Invest on Verandah Systems for Your Home?

Architectural designs are getting modular by the day. With more and more space crunch plaguing metropolitan cities, architects find themselves facing expectations of thinking up more out of the box ideas to stylize small places to look and feel spacious. Of the many ides that fell out of their sleeves, one is verandas system Malaysia. Very popular in the cities and outskirts of the country, these systems have modernized homes like nothing else in the recent years. They have given users the flexibility that was unknown until now. If you are still ambiguous about investing in one of these systems for your home, here are your reasons.

The first thing about veranda systems is that they bring flexibility to the picture. These systems running on composite rails offer the users the opportunity to be able to have roofless balconies in their home. However, that’s during the day. After nightfall, for a little safety, run these systems and they will pull out a roof overhead making it just a normal balcony. A shade for the rain and snow, these systems make possible to keep open-air balconies at home without the problems of one.

These systems run on very low power, meaning they will hardly make a difference to your monthly power bills. Just run them when you need to cover the place up and the rails will automatically pull the roof over. A stunning specimen of home automation, these balconies are designed to make insignificant power consumption.

The third and most obvious benefit of these systems is that they can offer protection from the sun’s UV when you want. Other times, you can leave them open letting the sun and wind indoor. Like tensioned sail shades, this may even bring your energy expense down in the long run.

Friday 31 March 2017

Pros of Aluminum Composite Panel Roofs in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia

Of late, composite panel roofs have come to prominence in countries with varying climatic conditions. Companies offering roofing solutions are heavily advertising these products, advocating for these over most other available options. Of the all available varieties, aluminum composite panel roofs have scaled the rungs of the ladder sooner than others, and for the right reasons. These roofs, like retractable awnings Malaysia have huge advantages that put most other alternatives in a place of lesser suitability. Let’s take a look at exclusively the pros of these roofs. Composite roofs, as we know it, are single unit structures. The benefit of that is they can be erected every easily. Setting up a single piece is admittedly easier than assembling tiles or even roof panels for that matter. This cuts down the labor cost for users, both individuals and companies using them. The roofs come in complete panels that just needs a quick installation.

The second great thing about aluminum composite roofs is that they have very high insulation. So if you were worried about aluminum before, you can rest assured that its thermal conductivity will not affect the temperature inside. This is because composite roofs are very well insulated. So that takes care of the thermal loss. High insulation not only ensures a steady temperature inside the buildings, but also cuts down the energy costs. With temperature remaining steady for long, you can give the HVAC systems rest for long hours before you turn them only for a short time to balance the temperature.

Aluminum makes these roofs lightweight and durable. Light weight makes it easy for roofers to install them without using load lifters to heave and place them. Aluminum by nature is heavy-duty. They can stand rain and sun like no other material. They don’t rust, nor corrode from heat.

Aluminium Composite Panel Roofs Suitable For Your Need

There are some places where people love to place aluminium composite panel roofs and there are some tips for you’re before installing the ...